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Revealing: PRIMAVERA

If heaven can be a place on earth, we’re casting our vote for Spain’s Balearic Islands. You may know them by their specific names: do Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca, and Formentera ring a bell? Thought so! The fact that each one is best known as an individual, as opposed to a small part of a larger archipelago, speaks volumes about these islands’ incomparable allure.

Like a fragrant apple pie placed near an open window, tourists flock to these four idyllic islands not only for the blindingly blue waters that lap their shores, but also for a unique burst of culture. Mallorca, the largest of the three, is one of the Mediterranean’s crown jewels, from capital city Palma’s incredible gothic architecture to its world-famous beaches.

Ibiza, the Balearic wild child, is as much a party destination as it is a beacon of natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy its endless coastline, dozens of beaches, and charming old town (which is a UNESCO site), alongside swaths of bars and restaurants. Menorca is the ultimate destination for laid-back beach lovers, while Formentera – the runt of the litter – offers a quiet escape for partied-out Ibiza-goers.


Ready to pack your bags? Look no further than our Primavera collection’s lively nautical stripes and sunny yellow blooms to drink in the feeling of the Balearic islands’ radiant blue waters and stunning rugged coastline. You’ll be shining as bright as the Mediterranean sun no matter which of our flattering silhouettes you choose, in all of your floral and striped glory.