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#MySkyeBody Conversations - Gabrielle Threlfall


SKYE: Where does your body confidence come from? 

GT: Self-confidence is a lifetime’s worth of work. I built my confidence through the years, especially thanks to my accomplishments, whether they were academic, professional or personal.

SKYE: What would you say to a woman, a friend, who is shy of wearing a bathing suit? 

GT: I would tell her that she shouldn't bring herself and her appearance down, that she’s probably the only one who is concerned about her looks, and that beauty shines through our personalities. Bikinis and all swimwear are for every type of body, so you might as well enjoy the sun!

SKYE: What do you think of the current representation of women on social media? Do you think social media is helping to display a more representative image of women? 

GT: Absolutely. I think these means of communication help us see a more realistic image of what the majority of people are like. Everyone can express themselves and share their thoughts with the world, so it gives us access to more diversified opinions and images.

SKYE: Favourite thing about your body and why? 

GT: My favorite body part…? I would have to say my teeth cause they’re naturally straight. A smile is precious!

SKYE: What do you do for self-care? 

I think that self-care isn’t just about eating well, working out every day, and taking care of one’s skin! Self-care is also about making choices that make us feel good and give us pleasure. For me, it’s about about finding the right balance between entertainment, work, training, good food and good wine!