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Growing A Body Positive Community

From its beginning, Skye's mission has been to create swimwear with cuts and fits that a wide range of women could enjoy. Taking into consideration that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes, our collections throughout the years have offered elegant and contemporary styles. 

In 2017, we expanded our vision and created our Skye Plus line; a collection dedicated to women with wider curves and larger busts, with cuts that offer support and total comfort, yet with the same touch of sophistication. 

However, we also know that our mission could not simply end there. We know that for many, wearing a bathing suit is a daunting task – one that makes some dislike the summer season for its heat (and for making us put our comfy and cozy sweaters back in the closet), and because of all the ill-conceived ideas of what “bikini bodies” should look like.

This is why we’re launching the #MySkyeBody campaign. A campaign for women to empower their bodies, no matter their size, shape, or perfect imperfections. Body acceptance does not come easy to everyone, regardless of the number on their jeans’ tag. This is why we feel it is our duty to show a wider range of body types and demonstrate that any body can be a bikini body. 

Throughout our campaign, we’ll be sharing body positive stories from our Skye models and collaborators on our Instagram page and blog posts. We would also love to hear YOUR stories and share them on our feed, to inspire other women and grow a healthy body positive community. Feel free to send us a picture of yourself in you new Skye outfit with the hashtag #MySkyeBody and be featured on our social media pages! 


The Skye Team