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5 Beauty Flaws That Aren’t Flaws at All

If you asked any woman if they have beauty “flaws”, they would answer with a decisive yes. Many factors contribute to this mentality: age, health concerns, social media. Some women try to find remedies immediately to hide these “imperfections” to achieve the image of “flawlessness.” Many of these “flaws” date back to the early nineteenth century, at a time they weren’t considered a problem. Regardless, accepting the way our bodies are made, celebrating our individualities and who we were meant to be should be a constant theme in our lives! Here are the top five beauty “flaws” that aren’t really flaws at all:

1. Cellulite

This term was introduced to the world in 1923, but really only became a notable concern for women in 1972. In fact, in earlier times, cellulite was a sign of social status, meaning these women were rich, ate quality foods and lived the good life. Cellulite really became an issue when a French monthly newsletter in 1933 published an article by a doctor, describing cellulite as a toxin, infection and sickness, one which no workout could cure. This caused French women to become very worried about cellulite, to the point where they were writing to other doctors to find cures. Of course, this mania eventually made its way to North America, causing major concern there as well. Today, most, if not all women, would tell you they have spotted cellulite on their butt, thighs and stomach. But don’t worry ladies, you’re not alone! According to an article in SELF magazine, between 80 and 98 percent of women have cellulite. As women it’s a natural occurrence, so own it!


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2. Body Hair

Today, women in beauty advertisements are photographed with little to no hair on their bodies, mostly because of modern day social norms. Although hair was once encouraged to kept on our bodies, today it’s seen as “gross.” The fashion and advertising industry made body hair an issue when they came out with marketing stating that body hair was “unfeminine.” This is especially true when swimwear came onto the scene in the 1960’s. Today, there are many celebs that having chosen to not shave their armpits to fight against this beauty standard. If you choose to keep your body hair, be proud! No one should tell us what to do with our bodies.


3. Freckles

Believe it or not, these beauties were once an issue for everyone, including men. From the fifteen to the eighteenth centuries, both men and women were obsessed with ridding their skin of “impurities,” so they used mercury and lead sulfate to remove their freckles from their faces! What a change from today, as they are now seen as a unique and attractive feature to have. There are some of us that were born with them, whether it’s a little bridge over our nose or covering our forehead and cheeks. Regardless, some may not find them too appealing. However, they are trendy in the beauty world today and some women even envy them! If you do have freckles, hydrate them, don’t conceal these beauties!


4. Dimples

These are nothing to frown about! In fact, about twenty percent of people have dimples. They are actually known the make the face look sweeter and makes others want to smile along with you. Actually, more and more people wish they had them. In a NBC News article, women are paying up to five thousand dollars to have fat injections into their faces to create dimples. They are said to make the face look more youthful, which is why this has become a trend. If you do have dimples, keep smiling, they look stunning on you!


5. Thick Brows

Beginning in the 1920s, women used to pencil and pluck their eyebrows to give them a thinner appearance. As time went on, women were starting to have thicker eyebrows, and some didn’t have any at all. In the 1980’s, Madonna starting tweezing hers while model Kristen McMenamy completely shaved off her eyebrows! However, the thick brows have made a comeback. Model Cara Delevingne wears her thick brows proudly, which is now the trend. Make-up artists are leaving them untouched and un-plucked. They change the look of the face, but no matter how you choose to wear your brows, be proud!


As women, we all have things on our bodies we would like to changes, immediately calling them “flaws.” However, we should honor these natural body elements that make us who we are. The beauty industry may have their own definition of what it means to be beautiful, but that doesn’t stop the rest of us from defining what makes us exquisite in our own way!