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Unveiling Spring 19

Skye Swimwear presents: an entire season’s worth of fresh, new, and exciting ways to love your body from the inside out. Remember – there’s only one just like it, and you’re the lucky winner!

Start clearing out some space in your swimsuit drawer for our incoming line of irresistible pieces that celebrate pears, hourglasses, apples, and everything in between.



From your favourite pair of broken-in jeans to vintage thrift shop finds, heritage and familiarity are inherently sewn into denim’s fibres. Pen your own story with our namesake collection, a rich indigo that speaks to the everywoman.



Can you feel the hum of the rainforest, drenched in technicolor after a thousand renewing rainfalls? Our Rainforest collection captures the wonder of these tropical ecosystems, a world of natural splendour alive with flora and fauna.



In a brave new world where stripes and florals can happily coexist, who could expect us to choose just one? Gardina blends splashy blooms with nautical stripes for a look that is modern, summery, and utterly feminine.



Meet the print that can only be described as the ideal harmony between chaos and peace. Semeru’s intricate pattern is playful and mysterious, while its colour palette evokes balance and calm: a veritable collision of two worlds.



The Wakaya collection’s simple black-and-white motif tells a story of tropical bliss all on its own, leaving just enough space for this Pacific island’s lush surroundings to fill in the blanks.



Just one look at our Java collection can transport you to ancient lands, drinking in the craftsmanship and artistry of civilizations past. Can’t make it to see this island’s temples in person? Let Skye take you there instead! 



Vivi brings out the boho babe in each and every one of us. Saturate your senses with swirls of paisley and a cornucopia of colour, from electrifying shades of red to refreshing splashes of teal and cream.



This print is our homage to its namesake flower, and a celebration of its ability to infuse the world with bursts of crimson and pink. With a splash of tropical foliage for a beachy edge, Azalea is truly a firecracker of a colour palette.

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