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Revealing: SEMERU

Meet the print that can only be described as the ideal harmony between chaos and peace. Our Semeru collection’s intricate pattern is playful and full of movement, while its dreamy colour palette evokes balance and calm.

Where in the world can you find this level of natural equilibrium? Mount Semeru – the Indonesian volcano that inspired this collection – is flanked by vistas of lavender flowers, crowning this turbulent landform with a peaceful purple halo. With a peak towering over 12,000 feet above sea level, Semeru is a force of nature surrounded by boundless natural beauty: a veritable collision of two worlds.


Also known as Magameru, “The Great Mountain,” East Javanese lore describes this volcano as having been transplanted from India. Once it arrived, it was placed on the western side of Java, but had to be shuffled over to the eastern side once the island started tipping under its weight. Since 1818, hot-headed Semeru has been sputtering with activity – in fact, for over 50 years, it has been in a near-constant state of eruption.

If the fiery mojo of a bubbling volcano speaks to you just as much as the calming energy of lavender and cream, this collection has your name on it. Will you choose the charming Isabella top, in all of its ruffled glory? Or will it be the fabulous Fay, with its feminine sloped design? No matter the cut that suits you best, this Indonesian-inspired pattern was designed to flatter – so get lots in its balance and feel the zen wash over you.