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Revealing: BOTANIX

Forget everything you know about the average jungle or forest and dive into a mesmerizing technicolor paradise with our Botanix collection. This sweeping pattern is part-geo, part-floral, coming together to create a magnificent hybrid mix that moves, sways, and breathes just like a real-life landscape.

Step into this alternate universe and watch the rules of nature melt away before your eyes: don’t be surprised when you find yourself forging a path through a sea of teal-colored fronds and rose-tinted brush, your skin bathing in the warmth of a radiant pink sky. From soil to clouds and from the heavens to the earth, this parallel world is a topsy-turvy technicolor dream that’s yours to experience and enjoy. 


Our Botanix collection has you covered from swimsuits to sportswear: snap up this eye-popping pattern in a huge selection of pieces that were designed for sun and sea, from jogging shorts and lightweight sweatshirts to head-turning bikini styles. No matter which styles speak to your soul, botanical bliss has never been more within reach with this mind-bending digital leaf print – so leave your inhibitions behind and let Botanix sweep you off your feet.