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Dear Body, by Arielle Estoria

Dear Body by Arielle Estoria!

Sharing her true passion as a poet, our campaign model Arielle Estoria celebrates and glorifies the body in all its manifestations, whether tugged, pinched or neglected. She composed a poem dedicated to the Body in which it's meant "to exist, to be unique, to be flaunted and praised for all that it is".


by Arielle Estoria



I am sorry that I did not pull you closer,

that I let everyone around me tell you who you should and should not be


I am sorry that I did not hold you or whisper that you were beautiful without having to be different first



Sweet and patient temples that we have often neglected,

that we have compared to everyone around us


We are sorry it has taken us so long to say enough is enough

And you, body are enough

you are gold etched into our skin reminding us that we have always been glorious

You are the whispers we needed when the lies screamed at us


You have let us pinch and pull

Tug and burn

Starve and neglect you

And you have stayed faithful

Present, strong and resilient


These warrior bodies belonging to victors and not victims

These bodies filled with grace and wonder

For too long the worth of these bodies have been defined by everyone around us

They have been shaped by society, shattered by media and confused by those who have hurt us


BUT THESE BODIES- were always meant to be celebrated,

to be shown radiantly and not hidden

Instead every dimple, mole and curve given a chance to shine

Captured in all their wonder,

given permission to exist, to be unique, to be flaunted and praised for all that they are


These unapologetic bodies

No longer making excuses for their existence

living and breathing

Freely, fully and beautifully